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How to Make the Most Out of Your Trip

Our Goal is That you Have a Safe and Fun Elite Experience.
Please Take a Moment to Review These Important Frequently Asked Questions About What to Expect While Renting a Boat with Us.

During the Fun FAQs

We want you to feel fully informed on what to expect while you are out on the water.
If you have any further questions or suggestions, please Contact Us!

We will provide some directions for you based on your boating goals for the day. However, the boat also has GPS navigation and a map on board as well.

No, just focus on having fun! The cost of gas used will be determined after rental is completed. We do charge a $200 deposit for gas, but whatever isn’t used during rental will be refunded.

You shouldn’t need to refill gas when out on a half or full day, however if in the case you need to refill we will direct you to the closest marina. We also use Boat US in case of any emergencies.

Rain or shine, you can enjoy the beautiful waters of Florida! During certain months of the year, it is nearly impossible to completely avoid the rain. However, if the weather is too dangerous, we will give you a full refund.

Our Boat is Docked at Alafia River but for a surcharge, we can bring the boat to any marina within 25 miles that accepts pontoons!

You should always plan to arrive 30 minutes early to find parking, familiarize yourself with the boat, ask any questions you may have, and get ready for a fun-filled day.

You must be at least 25 years of age.

Remain calm, and show them all of the safety requirements on the boat (license, registration, life jackets, etc.). As long as you have no illegal substances or aren’t driving recklessly, you will be fine.

No, sorry. Please contact us if you have more questions regarding this.

Please have boat returned at your designated return time. We do allow a 15 minute window after your designated return time, but after the 15 minutes then you will be charged $75 per hour.  So if your rental agreement ends at 5PM and you are not back at or before 5:15PM, you will get charged $75 per hour until you return to the card we have on file.

You cannot use the grill while on the boat but many of the islands and parks allow you to bring them there. 

It is best to stay within 15 miles of your launch site. That is why we offer so many location options, so you can choose an area you want to explore while remaining within a safe distance. 
Avoid canals, shallow water and areas with a lot of tree coverage. Please pay attention to and abide by signage that may disallow motor boats from passing through. 

We will issue a partial credit to the card we have on file based on the amount of time the boat is used.

A fishing license is required if you plan on fishing. We do not sell fishing licenses however you can obtain one at a local bait shop, Wal-Mart, or you can purchase one directly from this website here.

If you choose to fish and get your equipment confiscated, we are not responsible. Additionally, if you are renting our equipment and get it confiscated, you will owe double the cost to replace the equipment. 

More FAQs

We have organized the FAQs for easy navigation so you can find the exact answers you are looking for, depending on where you are in the rental process. We welcome your input and additional questions so we can continue to provide a valuable and elite experience for all of our customers.

Contact us if you have additional questions or feedback regarding the questions on these FAQ pages. 

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