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Cancellation Policy

Reservation Changes

Date changes (and time slot changes for 4 hour rentals) are allowed up to 24 hours in advance of your reservation.  There is no fee for these changes, but changes are, of course, subject to equipment availability.  

Changes within 24 hours of your scheduled departure time are allowed are subject to a $75 change fee.

Cancellation Refund

If we need to cancel your reservation due to weather conditions (winds, storms, small craft advisories) or other marine hazards, you will receive a 100% refund, or you may optionally change to another available time at no charge.  We will notify you if conditions are unsafe for voyage.

If you cancel 48 hours or more before your reservation start time, you will receive a 95% refund (5% retained to cover credit card and booking service costs, which we don’t get back). You must cancel by sending a message from the Contact section of our web site, or by calling 813-486-9800 during business hours (8am-6pm US Eastern time).

Cancellations received 12 to 48 hours prior to your schedule start time are refunded at 70% during non-peak seasons and 60% during peak seasons due to the lack of time needed to rebook the boat.

If you cancel within 12 hours before your departure time, the prepaid fuel charges will be refunded back to you, but the boat rental fees will not.

Cancellation Credit

If you’d prefer not to pay a cancellation fee, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of your trip, and you may elect to receive a 100% credit for a future date, to be used within 24 months (subject to availability). You will receive a voucher if you select this option.

Holiday Exception:

Due to high demand during certain holiday seasons, we have to enforce a 50% refund (or 75% credit) if canceled within 7 days, 35% refund (or 50% credit) if canceled within 5 days, and a 25% refund (or 35% credit) if canceled within 3 days. 

**Cancellations within 24 hours of your reservation start time are not eligible for cancellation credit.**

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